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     In 1989, Scott Hornoff was a newly-promoted detective with the Warwick, RI, city police department. He was also, for a brief time, a suspect in the murder of Victoria Cushman. Scott

had attended a summer party hosted by a fellow police officer the night she was killed, then showed up for work the next afternoon only to be read his rights for murder. After requesting and passing a polygraph exam while other detectives interviewed witnesses, Scott was cleared by his department of any wrongdoing.

     Years later, members of his department who still thought Scott was guilty went to the Attorneys General's office with their suspicions. The Rhode Island State Police spearheaded a single and focused investigation bent on charging Scott with Vicky's murder. He was subsequently ostracized, indicted, tried and convicted of first degree murder, then sentenced to life in prison.

     Scott walked the toughest beat of his life wrongfully imprisoned, surrounded by convicted murderers, child molesters and others, some of who he and his brother (also a cop) helped to incarcerate,  all the while fighting tirelessly to prove his innocence.

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