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With Prejudice is the tentative title of Scott's story, a book he has been working on for far too long, and he hopes to have it in print in the very near future. Although Scott's ordeal happened years ago, it is still quite relevant as there seems to be a new exoneration occurring every week, sometimes multiple exonerations. And for the fact that he was a white, educated cop who was wrongfully imprisoned without a shred of evidence or eyewitnesses. If it can happen to him, it can happen to anyone and it does.


Scott cooperated with many media outlets following his release, feeling his ordeal contained many valuable lessons to share, but their producers decided to go with sensationalism rather than truth and fact, which caused Scott to distance himself from others who sought interviews and profiles. He feels like offering his story in his words is the best remedy.

Book, television and movie deals never materialized, neither did the professional speaker representations that were discussed. Not being able to earn an income guest lecturing at the many venues that invited him to speak, but were unwilling to compensate him, Scott was forced to leave the guest lecture circuit.


In prison, Scott felt his new path would be a different way of protecting the innocent. He knows he can best effect positive change in America's judicial system and possibly keep others from enduring what he went through by sharing his powerful story on the epidemic of negligent police investigations, poor police training, judicial misconduct, wrongful imprisonment, harsh prison conditions, challenges after exoneration, and the message of never giving up no matter what you're facing in life.

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